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Roberto Donoso Berrios

Naturalist guide with 24 years of experience  leading tours in Chilean Patagonia. My interest in wildlife increased even more after having visited Torres del Paine Park on a family outing 28 years ago. Since that moment my focus has been naturalism  and I dedicate myself to the present to wildlife observation. native.

After being enchanted by this region, I decided to settle down and begin studying its biodiversity by taking several courses at the University of Magallanes. In 2000 my experience as a regional tourism guide began, and later in 2004 I specialized in naturalism, leading groups of tourists for important local tourism companies specialized in the observation of birds as well as terrestrial and marine mammals. throughout all of Chile, allowing me to be a nature specialist in different regions of the country such as Arica, exploring from the coastline to the Altiplano and Puna Zone, San Pedro de Atacama, Central Zone from coast to Cordillera, Lake Zone and Chiloé Archipelago. In 2008 I founded my own company called Patagonia Journeys, dedicated to the observation and tracking of the magnificent Puma feline and which until now I continue to do with great enthusiasm and responsibility that has characterized me throughout my entire career.

Experience in Large Documentaries

In recent years I have participated as Puma Tracker Senior in the best documentary productions of Puma (Puma concolor) in Patagonia Chile, of which I name below:


  • Production company BBC NHFP Ltda.  (Documentaries such as 7 Worlds, Dinasty, Frozen Planet)

  • Also other productions such as Apple TV, NBC, Netflix (True to Nature) where there were more than 50 days of extraordinary and great work.

  • The most recent production made by Disney  for the series "The Adventures of Berty Gregory" where the Puma named Petaca was filmed with 2 cameras, showing the epic hunt of an adult guanaco. 

I invite you to enjoy all these amazing educational documentaries where the real importance of these magnificent predators is shown.  

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