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Private transport

​We only use our own vehicles (Mitsubishi Montero Sport 2022) with all maintenance up to date so as not to have any problems in the remote areas where we will be exploring. Very spacious, mainly for single people, couples or very small groups (3 people max.). Ideal for observing or photographing wildlife, and very important that it gives us security both on the road and on lonely or remote paths when we are in search of what will be of interest to us during the days in the field._22200000-0000-0000 -0000-000000000222_

We comply with all the rules and regulations that the Ministry of Transportation of Chile requires regarding the transportation of tourists, at the same time our professional drivers have the required license (A2) and credential required by the Municipality and Torres del Paine National Park for the activity of tourism.

We also have another vehicle (Mitsubishi version 2008) for our Tracker guide that will give him a lot of independence to move around and look for Pumas or whatever our objective is in this wonderful area.


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