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I invite you to watch this video section where I share my experiences over time here in this beautiful Patagonia through Puma Documentaries & interviews.

Roberto Donoso Berrios

Puma Documentaries


Episode "South America"Seven Worlds, One Planet | BBC 

This is my first participation as a puma tracker for an international documentary made in 2018. This film tells the reality of the hard life of the puma "Sarmiento" and her cubs.

 Episode" Pumas". Dynnasties II.  | BBC 

Pumas are masters of stealth, and they have to be. Making a wrong move when hunting a fully-grown guanaco can be a fatal mistake. Get caught up in the real-life drama with Sir David Attenborough as we delve into the secret lives of animals fighting for their family’s survival. Find out more about Dynasties II

Predators | Netflix 

In this captivating nature documentary series, five predator species around the world work to survive in their environments. Experience life through the eyes of cheetahs, polar bears, wild dogs and more of the planet's most powerful hunters as they fight to maintain their dominance. Academy Award nominee, Tom Hardy, narrates this heart-pounding nature documentary series.

Episode"Pumas". Animals up close | Disney+

Check it out the amazing puma hunt of "Petaca" a female filmed by Berty Gregory for Disney+ Show " Animals up close". Where I'm the senior puma tracker.




The Puma Man!

Lean incredible insights into the habits and behaviour of the worlds southern most wild cat. We bring you the man behind David Attenborough’s BBC Seven Worlds Puma Footage. Be the first to see this rare Interview with Roberto the World-Renowned Puma Expert & Tracker. Simply fill in your details to access this riveting interview with Roberto, 'The Puma Man'.

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